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About the government

It is not the way the government and banks have treated us.


Share Readmill Highlights to Your WordPress Site

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At, we love to read. We’re delighted to announce that our partner Readmill has implemented sharing to WordPress in the latest version of their iOS app, already available in the App Store. Now you can highlight passages in books and PDFs you’re reading in Readmill and share them on your or Jetpack-enabled site. Let’s walk through how it works.

First, log in to your account to authorize a connection to your WordPress account. In Readmill, go to Settings under your avatar. On the Settings page, click on Connections. Next to WordPress, click on the Connect button:


Enter your WordPress credentials and click on Authorize:


Choose whether to allow highlight sharing, reading sharing or both:


Now you’re ready to share favorite passages directly to your WordPress site. Highlight your passage in Readmill. On the sharing screen, select the WordPress logo, then click on…

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One Theme, Three Ways: Customizing iTheme2

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iTheme2 was originally conceived as a tech blog theme, paying homage to the sleek design of Apple websites. The three blogs we showcase here are proof of its remarkable versatility: not one of them covers technology.

Whether it’s the natural splendors on view on Yosemite Park Blog, the romance-heavy book reviews on Have Book Will Reador the cutting-edge beats swirling through webzine Electronic Rumors, these blogs are brimming each with their own quirky personality. All three harness the nifty features built into iTheme2 to their specific needs. Time to compare, contrast, and admire.


Custom headers: an immediate hook

It’s telling that these three blogs establish their starkly different looks by relying on the same feature: iTheme2’s custom header. A personalized header is one of the most efficient ways to brand your blog (and is easy to create: in your dashboard, simply go…

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when you sign up for a paid survey why are you told that their is no survey av able.Image

You want to earn money not points.

it is on any survey you sign up to.